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“If you care for your people,they care for clients, and shareholders benefit in the long run.”
Sir Richard Branson

In today’s demanding and challenging times only companies that are capable of unleashing the potential of their employees can succeed long-term.  The management of such organisations consciously build the culture that spurs their employees to commit to taking individual responsibility for their everyday actions. The “traditional” motivation schemes, commonly referred to as “the stick and carrot” no longer work. Punishing employees leads to adopting a conservative approach and resorting to only those tasks that the employees handle with ease, which results in playing safe and lack of development.

The coaching culture enables people to:

  • assume reponsibilty for their decisions and actions
  • take the necessary business risk and come up with innovative ideas
  • learn from mistakes and setbacks
  • speak up, question the status quo and express own opinions – even if different
  • give and receive constructive feedback
  • feel appreciated and have the feeling that their input counts
  • raise motivation and effectiveness, which translates into better business results
  • build cohesive and effective teams
  • develop a high level of motivation and effectiveness, which translate into better business results
  • stay loyal to the organization

How to build the coaching culture?

Culture is a collection of people’s behaviours in the organisation behaviours influenced by individual convictions, beliefs, motivations, values, ethics, goals and aspirations. Introducing changes in the culture is a conscious long-term process – consistently implemented across the board.

Managers successfully creating the coaching culture present a specific attitude and have mastered a set of skills that make their team members look for better and better solutions, optimise processes, reaching new levels of performance and meeting business goals. As a result, those leaders create the working environment that attracts the best people on the market – based on respect, accountability and unlimited sense of possibility.

Carol Wilson – Managing Director of Performance Coach Training suggests The Ten Step Plan – a framework designed to support any organization in creating a coaching culture:

The Ten Step Plan to creating a coaching culture:

  1. Vision & purpose
  2. Organisational health check
  3. Stakeholder mapping
  4. Getting buy in
  5. Where to start
  6. What to measure
  7. Implement pilots
  8. Evaluation and forward planning
  9. Implement next phase
  10. Maintain the momentum

“Branson would never, under any circumstances, tell his staff what to do. He believed that the best person to make a decision about a work area is the one who is there, at the coal face. The more that managers control and check up on their employees, the less effort the employees will put in themselves. Why bother to exert oneself when someone else is going to correct the mistakes and change it all anyway.”

–  Carol Wilson about her experience of cooperating with Sir Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin


  • HR Business Partner, international pharmaceutical company
         I find our sessions really supportive. They are a source of positive energy and thanks to them I have been able to introduce important changes in a number of areas. Now I focus on solutions and look for options I did not use to see. Thank you!
    HR Business Partner, international pharmaceutical company
  • HR Director, energy sector
         Piotr Jankiewicz has been involved in designing and executing the development process for our Talents ? a group of 17 Experts. Since day one Piotr has shown great professional attitude. As a result we have managed to get the Experts? and their Superiors? buy-in, progress in terms of professional development and a higher level of confidence and performance. I recommend Piotr as a professional is ready to go the ?extra mile? to make things happen.
    HR Director, energy sector
  • Learning and Development Head (Global), financial sector
         Over the last 15 months we have engaged Piotr?s services to help us to drive our coaching efforts and, together with members of my team Piotr has been hands on in both the design and delivery of the programmes we have run. As Piotr is so driven by results this has pushed us as an organisation to be very clear about our measurements and I personally appreciate how Piotr keeps bringing us back to these. It is rare for development consultants to do this and it is one of the reasons I enjoy working with Piotr.
    Learning and Development Head (Global), financial sector
  • Event Planner, own business, Warsaw
         If someone had asked me six months ago how many new clients I will sign contracts with, I would have been afraid to give this number. It has become reality though! I have managed to triple my turnover and my profits have jumped, too. I have let ?bad clients? go ? they would take up a lot of my time and order hardly anything. I have decided to work only with ?premium? Clients and I am surprised that there are so many of them out there!
    Event Planner, own business, Warsaw
  • Business Communication Trainer, Warsaw
         Piotr is a trustworthy person, which was important for me while choosing the coach. We have been working on improving some key aspects of my professional performance and I have achieved some goals in a short time, which I believe is the best evidence of Return On Investment. I am happy to recommend sessions with Piotr ? it is easier to face challenges together.
    Business Communication Trainer, Warsaw
  • Finance&Office Coordinator, Training Company, Warsaw
         Piotr?s commitment and his professional approach have helped me to solve problems that had been challenging before. I have identified my strengths and I am more aware of the
    Finance&Office Coordinator, Training Company, Warsaw
  • Dental clinic owner, Warsaw
         Thanks to my sessions with Piotr, I realised where I am ? in terms of developing the clinic I own and manage, I worked out and have been consistently implementing my own ?Success Strategy?, I know my priorities and I am no longer involved in stuff that used to take up much of my time but did not translate into business development. I did not have to wait long for the very measurable results ? during the last 10 months we have increased the number of our patients by over 30% and at the same time our profitability has jumped by almost 15%.
    Dental clinic owner, Warsaw